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Over the years of working with multiple clients our success story justifies our claims for being one of the best in the digital space. Our digital marketing agency has served many clients ranging from production houses, dental care to real estate and more. Through years of working with various companies we have achieved desired results for our clients. Having an integrated and innovative digital marketing solution enabled us to serve various client needs.

The Big Biryani


The Big Biryan business strategy is delivery-only. For off-premises dining, the restaurants rely on orders placed through their own website or through delivery companies like Grubhub, UberEats, Deliveroo, and DoorDash.


Our philosophy for promoting their brand awareness online was to enthral customers with their story. The material on their website was centred on demonstrating their services' constancy and tenacity.


We aim to rank their website based on keywords. Organic searches and conversions were the outcome of this.


Jan 2023 to April 2023


Cloud Kitchen


Website Development, Social Media

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