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Over the years of working with multiple clients our success story justifies our claims for being one of the best in the digital space. Our digital marketing agency has served many clients ranging from production houses, dental care to real estate and more. Through years of working with various companies we have achieved desired results for our clients. Having an integrated and innovative digital marketing solution enabled us to serve various client needs.

Pramukh Dental Care


We have worked with Pramukh Dental Care- Modern Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad as their digital marketing partner. Our team developed their website for their clients. With the best SEO practices Pramukh Dental Care ranked first for 100+ keywords with total impressions more than 301k and organic search reach 5K+. From the traffic that came to the site they got 1250 conversions. We also managed their digital Ads campaign on Facebook & Instagram Ads and Google Ads. Combining both the campaigns got more than 4,000 clicks.


As they wanted to increase their outreach and wanted their brand identity as a modern dental clinic and Implant dentists. As they wanted both long-term results and short term results. We help them achieve their vision by Developing Webpage (Lorn-term traffic) and Ad-campaigns for (Short-term traffic).


We partnered with Pramukh Dental Care to develop their website page, SEO services, Running personalised paid campaigns on Facebook & Instagram Ads and Google Ads.


July 2021 to Still Active




Website Development, SEO, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads

Search Engine
1st Page Ranking Keywords 100+
Total Impressions 310k+
Organic Search 5K+
Number of Conversions 1250
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Impressions 2,969,779
Reach 1,250,933
Link Clicks 3,207
Google Ads
Impressions 6,699
Clicks 808
Conversions 4
Phone Calls 33

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