Effective Strategies for Successful SEO Campaign Part 1 (2017 Update)

21 Dec 2017   SEO  
By V2Infotech

Effective SEO  is all about creating efficient SEO campaign. Following are points to consider while designing an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.

It’s always better to have to Search Engine Friendly website. You can select any platform for website development. Wordpress Website Development is most effective nowadays. Even E-Commerce businesses prefer to go with Wordpress.  There are so many advantages to go with the Wordpress Website.  The truth which we can’t deny Wordpress is best CMS  itself but it has to be handled very carefully. You will always need experience highly experience Wordpress developers.  Wordpress is easy to mange for SEO. There are number of plug-ins available on Wordpress which are useful for SEO. SEO Yoast and SEO All in One are one of them.


Remember, one of the most important ways a search engines will classify and rank your website is by the content on your website. Creating unique and efficient content and publishing on website and promoting on different Medias are most effective way. Content are playing role of sole warrior in SEO. You have heard from various sources Content is king, Yeh that’s true and Content plays role of sole warrior in SEO. I have seen number websites listing higher on search engine just because of effective content. Effective content means any content which is created with the goal of attracting Search Engine Traffic.  One of the most efficient ways to increase page ranking is Blogging. Blogging Helps Your Business to attract new visitors, increase brand visibility, increase in search engine rankings, helps in customer engagement.

Keyword Research & Selection

Many people think keyword research is not that much important.  But that’s not true.

Keywords selection is one the most important and first steps in implementing a SEO (Search Engine Optimization strategy. Whether you are creating new website or trying to improve current rankings of your existing website you must need to start with keyword selection strategy.

Relevant Keywords - Select keywords which are relevant to your website and business. Creating more web pages means targeting more keywords.

Search Volumes - Find search volumes of relevant search keywords. Find out Are they really working for your business?

Geographical Target – Focus your geographical target which audience you really want to entertain. Who is going to search you and from where? These both questions will assist you in best manner to identify you audience and geographical target. If your business doesn’t cater in certain areas or you are unable to deliver services or products in such areas No need to target that location. Do your buyers have their in mind from where they are planning to buy? If yes then go with that location first.

Long Tail Terms and Short Tail Terms – Long Tail keyword should have 3 to 4 keywords, the longer the keyword it will easy to rank well for that. Long Tail keywords will help you to rank you high on search engines also Long Tail keywords will convert into short tail keywords by the time passes. This is the real time technique to rank higher on search engine. 

Competitor Analysis – By analyzing your competitors you will have better understanding of keywords. You will have ideas what your competitors are targeting.  So you can research keywords that your competitors are ranking for.

If you really don’t know who your competitor is, just search your base keywords in search engine and you will have ideas. The results you are getting on front page of Google are your competitors.

Group your Keywords - One page one keyword This trend is no longer exists.  The best way to target multiple keywords on single web page is keywords grouping. You can target multiple keywords like Keyword Research, Keyword Research Process, SEO Keyword Research on single page by grouping them. This is most common example; it could be done in many ways.

I don’t like to end at half but readers don’t like to read too much so I will try to cover more in next article. Till then stay connected. Are still looking for Digital Marketing Company or SEO Company in Ahmedabad feel free to contact us.

Please share your tips.

I tried my best to describe Effective Strategies for Successful SEO Campaign. My aim is to lay out a process that could be universally applicable to any website and industry.

Let’s learn from each other!