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Are you ready for a new challenge in 2017?V2Infotech is growing, and we are looking for Passionate and Dedicated candidates.

At V2Infotech, we believe in making a measurable difference for our clients. Our culture is all about being creative while also being disciplined in the way we carry out campaigns for clients. We want to provide incredible results but not in inefficient way.

We believe in

  • Being bold in our marketing and our communication with our clients. Our clients hire us for our expertise and to make a measurable difference in their campaigns. Sometimes, that requires telling them things that they may not like to hear, but they need to hear.
  • Being curious in our approach to marketing. Always looking for creative yet practical ways to improve client results.
  • Continuously learning and reading about new strategies and tactics as well as industry news and developments.
  • There is no job that is above/below us. We believe that everyone should be “willing to sweep the floors” from time to time because that is what needs to be done.

Who we’re not a good fit for:

  • It’s your first job out of college and you’re not really sure what you want to do yet.
  • You’re not REALLY passionate about digital marketing or learning more about it. It’s more of a side interest of yours.
  • You don’t consider writing and speaking skills to be your strengths.
  • You don’t consider yourself a detail oriented person.

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